Rear Boat Loader

Go fishing anytime you want!  This versatile and easy to use Rear Boat Loader turns the two-person job of loading into a simple and safe one-person task!  No more boat dings, aching backs, scratched paint or headaches from trying to put your boat on your truck manually.  No more missed fishing trips because a buddy cancels.  With the push of a button, load and unload your boat independently, even in the rain.  It's automatic and stress free.  All you need to do is back up to the water, push the button on the wireless remote and watch as the Rear Boat Loader does all the work!  You'll see your boat gracefully slide down and then gently rotate until it sits on the water, waiting for you to get in.  Then simply unclip your boat and go fishing.  In minutes you're on the water with no climbing, struggling or wrestling match. One slick boat loading system!

It's not just for your truck!  Pick-ups, vans, SUV's, cargo trailers, truck campers, camper trailers, cars and more!  Climbing a fifth wheel or motor home in the rain to secure a boat is not only frustrating, it's dangerous.  Eliminate the risk and headache of hand loading by using the extremely versatile, amazingly adjustable and simple to use Rear Boat Loader.  There are two basic steps - push the button and unclip the boat.  Loading your boat is simply the same steps in reverse order.  How much easier can it get?  You probably won't even have to set your beverage down.   You can escape the rain faster, load your boat without straining an already tired back or do a quick fishing trip by yourself that you would not otherwise be able to do!


  • Takes the boat off of your vehicle.
  • Turns the boat over for easy placement.
  • Lifts the boat up for easy loading.
  • Ties the boat down for safe travel.
  • Automatically loads the boat quickly, easily and safely, rain or shine!
  • Restores independence to those with limited mobility or back problems.
  • Places your boat right on the water!
  • Hides the loader's motor under the boat, protecting it from the elements.


  • Maximum lifting capacity of 400 pounds
  • Accommodates aluminum, fibreglass and inflatable boats up to 16 feet
  • Made from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum that is extremely strong
  • All hardware is stainless steel, Not zinc-plated steel
  • Adjustable up to 82" beam width of the boat.
  • All components are rust and maintenance free
  • Operated by our wireless remote control system with back-up wired remote
  • 1,900 pound test hollow braid line for easy splicing
  • Equipped with four ropes that automatically tie down and secure the boat to the rack
  • Mountable on pick-ups, vans, SUV's, cargo trailers, motor homes, truck campers, camper trailers, etc.


Your new automatic Rear Boat Loader comes in a box supplied with all the necessary parts for assembly as well as an easy to use manual.  Common assembly time is about a day.