ATV Quad Loader


No more backing your ATV down ramps! The Load-it ATV Quad Loader allows you to safely and easily drive your ATV's on and then off of your truck in the forward position. The 12-foot folding ramps can be attached to either side of the loader, so you can drive the ATV up and then drive it down the other side. The system is easily adaptable to fit any pickup size or bed depth and any ATV up to 108 inches in length. Since the ramps are easily moved, every wheelbase is accommodated. Loading the ATV's sideways allows you to fit two ATV's in a truck as short as 6.5 feet. The ramps are conveniently stored in your truck bed or can be slid and secured on the platform your ATV's rest on.

The unique design distributes the weight in the bed of the pickup rather than just on the rails of your truck and leaves room under your ATV's for storage. This is especially helpful when you have more gear than space inside your pickup.

The 12-foot folding ramps make loading safer and come in two styles: the standard 1,100 pound capacity or the heavy duty 1,500 pound capacity. For transporting, these ramps fold to a length of just 7-feet. Once loaded, the Load-it ATV Quad Loader comes with four locking retaining bars that secure your ATV's in place, eliminating extensive tie-downs. These locking bars work as stops, as well as positioning your ATV's when loading.

The adaptability doesn't stop with your ATV or truck! You can add an attachment to turn your ATV loader into a Boat Loader as well! Then the kids can play on their ATV's while you reel in a few bass!


  • Drive forward to load and forward to unload.
  • 12-foot ramps make loading safer and easier.
  • Locking bars make securing a snap!
  • Fit two ATV's sideways, rather than just one.
  • Keep your pickup bed clear for storage under your ATV's.
  • Ramps fold in half for easier storage.
  • Add on to fit your boat above your ATV's!

How It Works

Unfold the 12-foot ramps and secure them in the places provided. Drive your ATV up and move the ramps over to load your second ATV. Set the locking bars in place and store your ramps in the bed of your pickup or under the ATV's.

Unload your ATV by placing the ramps in front of it. Remove the locking bars and drive the ATV down in the forward direction. It's that simple.

A Variation of The ATV Loader - The UTV Loader as seen here...


  • Supports two ATV's the width of a 6.5-foot or 8-foot truck box.
  • Adjusts to any truck box.
  • Accommodates all ATV's up to 108 inches in length.
  • Fits any wheelbase.
  • 12-foot folding ramps for safer loading and easy storage.
  • Ramps come in 1,100 pound or 1,500 pound capacity.
  • Made from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum that is extremely strong.
  • All hardware is stainless steel, not zinc-plated steel.
  • All components are rust and maintenance free.
  • Locking bars secure ATV's safely and easily.
  • Adjustable legs distribute weight evenly to the inside of the truck bed.


Your new ATV Quad Loader comes in a box supplied with all the necessary parts for assembly as well as an easy to use manual.  Common assembly time is about a day.


We warranty all structural parts, motors, gearboxes, and electronic components for one year. It is our policy to ship replacement parts upon receiving a phone call from you indicating the specific problem. We want to get you up and running as quickly as possible. We ask that you return the failed part to allow us to evaluate the cause of the failure.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We take great pride in designing and manufacturing cutting edge loading systems. We use the highest quality materials to insure their safety, durability and ease of operation. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We are not satisfied until you are! If you are not 100% satisfied with any of the products you purchase from us, please return them in the original packaging within 15 days of purchase for a full refund, less any transaction fee (such as Credit Card fee).

Your explanation and feedback regarding the reasons for the return are greatly appreciated. We use the information to mold our products so we can best meet the future needs of our customers.


Negligent use of the equipment, including but not limited to loading items for which it was not designed, will void this warranty. The warranty also becomes void if weight or size limits, as stated in the owner's manual, are exceeded. Warranty of electronic control components becomes void if unit has been submerged in water whether accidental or intentional.

Loadit Industries is not liable for any damages to vehicles or recreational equipment, or for injuries resulting from negligent use of the loading system equipment. Negligent use is any use other than that prescribed within the owner's operating manuals.